in time the truth is known.


no matter what i am said to have done, i know what i did.

i know throughout my life what was right and what was wrong.

i still know right from wrong.

i won’t enter into any versions of a story…WWOTD_082714_mark-twain-quote

and have learned that in order at times to override guilty conscience, some can in time choose other facts and weave them to a version of a story which makes them feel less guilt. They can in a way stand in the wrong, and make it feel right.

That sort of equivocation would never be possible for me.

there are too many versions of a lie….but if you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember what you siad to who…easier…and more moral to be honest.Featured Image -- 8817 there have been times that LONELY is not enough of a description for the stand i have had to take.

but no other stand would be acceptable for me.

NEVER would i feel it acceptable to watch or assist injustice being carried out.stand up and i am now old enough to live with the belief that in time, however it hurts to hold the truth, the TRUTH will be known, and be revealed.

Any situation based on a web of fabrication will not last the test of time.truth in my hands thetruth4 but the DAMAGE and the PAIN of being mistreated, misquoted, wronged?

it is like open surgery.

pain that does not numb for a long long time.

and sadly when you think you have managed to dull it down, you look again at the unjust situation, and you begin to hurt all over again…again and again.painst enuf i now can’t take any more.

That doesn’t mean that i am weakened, BUT the contrary.

i have seen people misrepresented.behindback

heard people disrespected

watched people ignored

and been there…

i won’t be there any more.

because i won’t allow myself to suffer.enough

at times i have held out the hand of peace.

offered the olive branches

attempted to draw the line in the sand

appealed to “friends” that were to explain to me what had happened…

but no…

no explanation would be available as the untruth had been spoken loudly.

but i sit silently…

for now.truthtime

in pain…

it HURTS to hold an untold truth inside.

but my voice won’t be heard yet

so much pain

now less pain

now waiting for truth to raise its head.
silencewords God will judge us all

my truth.

others’ lies.

only GOD is qualified to judge.truth-15


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