It hurts. Meningitis.

happy Birthday MENINGITIS 🙂
one year ago today…my clinical meningitis became bacterial meningitis.
i STILL suffer the leg pains.
one year EXACTLY

at least i have a brain

No I haven’t been on for a while.

All the while since I leaked CSF about ten days ago, after the surgery for decompression which was 4 weeks today , doctors have been Chasing blood tests and CSF sMples.

The white cells and something else which meant double Dutch to me -parameters of measuring the CSF and how much infection is in it.

So it seems when I came this week my white cell count in the brain fluid was very high.
The second and third samples results held or fell marginally. Then on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we took more and was waken on Tuesday night.

The numbers and markers had risen dramatically. We were now treating bacterial meningitis.

Very strong IV antibiotic while the microbiologists are still trying to slowly incubate the precise sample. I’d they do find it we have up to 6 weeks on IV If…

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  1. OMG. Our son had meningococcal septacaemia aged 3 weeks so whenever I see someone who has suffered it I just want to hug them because I know what Hell it is for all concerned. I will send prayers that this Hell you are all in right now ends very soon. Stay strong for your boys, fight this appalling disease and get well soon. Please keep us updated. Get well soon xx

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