the geriatric gym bunny?




ALL tick.

geriatric gym bunny in the making? my ARSE!


let’s see can we work a “legs” machine” for 2 minutes and an “arms” machine same – AIM to if possible improve the standard of my general condition, so that MAYBE my legs felt less lead-filled and more the same age as the rest of me.

AND/OR if legs were not appropriate in their response to the task, and unable to comply with programme (which i will call from the outset level ZERO), then at least my ARMS may gain strength so that they could wheel me about easier.

So today was day 1.

How NOT to look like you will ever be FIT.
Am off to the gym in the forum … Eek.
To MEET S my ¬†extrememly aware and genuinely couldn’t manage without her occupational therapist.
Geriatric gymnast I am NOT.
Like the look???

  1. on the how did it go? ok…much s expected. Walked into a woeful PUMPING MUSIC VENUE with scattered people at their thing. We found the 2 machines which complied with my PHYSIO’s input in so far as they were UPRIGHT. i had no head movement and that my eyes were looking straight ahead.
  2. ARMS. like a big wheel with 2 handles not unlike the stirrps and bicycle motion. Wheel could be adjusted in tension as was in water… felt human. good. push the wheel one way and it didn’t feel much, but push it in reverse and you were working you triceps. (note the terminology…from my Pilates past which i miss so so so much)
  3. LEGS: well this was interesting. When you pedal a bike, one leg pushes and the other freewheels til the reach 180 degrees where leg 2 pushes and leg one has a moment. MY LEGS… seemed to be slow learners… NOT getting the instruction at all. More bad on the Right leg than left… so perhaps more from benign tumour removal than decompression of chiari condition? who knows… but a noticable gap of a second or two each time in the “cycle”…no PUN intended. oh AND she noticed my numb foot was not making great contact on the pedal so i ended up having to use the HEEL on my right foot for contact.
  4. came home: wanted to sleep, drug up, be sick, ALL at the same time.
  5. right….. WHY do fitness suites seem to have compulsory QUESTIONABLE/CREEPY/couldn’t-Like-them-if -you-gave-BIRTH- to-them WEIRDOS…who don’t seem athletic…don’t seem to use the machinery…but wander about skulking???
  6. and my brian and my legs are no longer that friendly…we KNEW. but my brain and my right leg (as is the case with my right eye) are no longer communicating. While it makes for neuro problems isn’t it seriously AMAZING a brain?? So i can ride the “recumbant bicycle” for my challenge 2 minutes and when it is my right legs turn to pedal, i have to REMIND it..a we PUSH… actually is funny…and other neuro-freaky-friends will appreciate the humour. i really WILL be on Britain’s got talent yet!
  7. PLUS PLUS PLUS….met a VERY in-yer-face lady …who had no interest that i HAD a wheelchair but was determined i would look great on a mobility scooter…so myself an Siobhan, had a great morning, as ALL of these things were all the subject of the chat and the craic. Thank GOD She -S-neuro team OT “gets” my personality , humour, and intolerance of bullshit!

to be continued ONLY when she is in there too!



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