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patient and power in healthcare

me, mine, and other bits

I’ve been volunteering as a patient/ carer for some years. I’ve been thinking about what I do, especially since I discovered the wonder of epatients. There are many terms used to mark the difference between tea & sympathy and those processes which value the patient/ carer contribution to health and social care.

There’s nothing new about patient involvement, empowerment, engagement, person centred care, collaborative care- there are any number of think tanks, resources, big ideas. We can all access a wealth of information and learning on different ways of working.

Those are all methods. Ways of connecting. Methods of finding out what matters to patients and working out how to deal with that.  Together.

Because I like to know things, I sign up for online courses (the best invention ever) and have two starting soon. I will be a health care radical, rocking the boat while staying in it, and I will…

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