Chiari, leave me my legs please!

neurological leg problems. Chiari causing me problems and concerns. Please allow me to remain this level of mobility, brain?

at least i have a brain

Chiari, leave me my legs please!

i had MENIGITIS…while i was in hospital last year,, after having my decompression.

big deal….i thought at the time, as tbh quite a few people seem to have after effects of what has to be a complicated procedure.

So i was another …nothing wildly unpredictable…

I wrote This about the experience.

the main SHOCK for me was the effect of the infection in my LEGS.

I made lots of recovery in many ways since that time…but my LEGS have plateaued

My legs are STILL in PAIN.

previous to my surgery i was unfit…bur human.

working order…i suppose.

i now have PAINS in my legs that i can not define, as is FATIGUE in every cell…
legs seem HUGELY affected since i had the joys of meningitis, a year ago.
MY LEGS ARE weak. 
I suppose the other organ group as…

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