The white cells roller coaster

operating theatre again this day last year…
the roller-coaster that was neurosurgery , brain recovery, meningitis, and chiari malformation.

at least i have a brain

Away they go again

With meningitis it’s the number of white cells in CSF
The CSF when I came in was “concerning” to doctors at I think 77
We thought chemical meningitis
After two more days we peaked at 510. We then thought bacterial meningitis. Straight onto of IV antibiotics.
A week later we checked again. 90. Stil to high to feel relaxed about
Yet no actual bacterial cultures definable so we count CSF cells again.
One day later 224.
That isn’t good
Bacteria is resilient.
Apparently there are polymor and lymphocytes in CSF so I need to google

But first I gown up.
Theatre AgAIN.
Pic line going in.
That’s line going in from arm to the heart through the vena cava.
It will allow all my bloods be taken out there and all drugs put in there.
Is a very direct way to be effective PLUS I don’t…

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