i miss my mammy

t’was THIS on the Radio in the car that made me think of my mammy.

this time.

it can be music that triggers my emotional thought  a LOT…cos you were part of my gift of music, a BIG part…

and THAT part of you thank God will be with me every time a produce a note.

sometimes it’s when i waken up and remember all over again that you are gone.

sometimes i hear a noise that sounds like your shoes… then i remember you won’t  make footstep sounds anymore.

LOTS of times, when i look at daddy, and he looks like his one, is not that he is a one…he is only half of you TWO

you were a tiny, gentle, understated fragile mammy…. a little lady.

but you had an inner light that brightened life for me so much…even sometimes when i didn’t appreciate it.
Miss you mammy, and know we are so lucky to have daddy… but were ALL so lucky to have you mam.

love you ALWAYS…

“you were the best mammy ever”…xx

oh, and mammy? when we sat for those special few days, and we promised we wouldn’t leave you?

will you promise…promise you will never leave me?




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