judged …”don’t look THAT disabled”.

i was JUDGED last week by a disability officer…and forgot to tell you all.

i was out with my OT …and we literally MET the lady.
within minutes the “lady” asked me if i could go on a fundraising walk with “us”…i told her that my legs were crap, would take me to the car and then home to sleep….
and she didn’t take me seriously…so i had to tell her that i was serious!

her answer…and i joke you not…”but look at you! you have your make -up on and all? I thought you don’t look that disabled!”.
i was so GUNKED it was less energy to let it go.

she then got right into my face about you need to hire a mobility scooter…told me where…how great they were….(all the time me cringing, as a motorised scooter is a LATER option for me, and have my wheelchair, but choose to try to keep it for away days for as long as can.

now i am SHOCKED when i replay the event.
although my OT knew how overwhelmed i was by the person.

but disability AWARENESS? went from judgemental straight to FORCEFULgymbunny

THIS was my “glam” look on the day.

i find instant JUDGMENTS or ASSESSMENTS on my condition best done by my neurosurgeon…and usually unrelated to the make up i have on that day…




  1. My husband is the same in that he has mobility issues. He will need a scooter of his own eventually but at 34 he feels there’s plenty of time for that. Shop mobility schemes are great and he does use them on bad days.

  2. its a personal choice. i LOVE my wheels when they enable me to take a trip with the family which without them my legs wouldn’t let me do. But people making assumptions about situations which are delicate and to me need personal acceptance, is ignorant, and was a bit too much for me that day!

  3. As someone who’s had Multiple Sclerosis for 22 years I thought I’d heard it all but this about make up really tops everything else. I’ve been told over the years that “you’re too young to be disabled”, “how come you used your wheelchair/mobility scooter yesterday and today you can walk”, “I’m phoning the Police, you are drunk and staggering all over”. My mobility scooter is a fairly recent acquisition and allows me to go further without the chronic fatigue. The bigotry people display is more their problem than any of us disabled people. In the UK, we have a “Blue Badge Scheme” which helps diasbled people park closer to their destination and whilst being a Godsend I find that pensioners hog the spaces and are more aggressive and ignorant, hogging limited spaces and abusing the scheme. Us disabled people are the same as everyone else anx thus should be treated with the same respect.

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