Doctors differ ….. Patients must ask questions!

thoughts from bed last year. almost 6 weeks into neurosurgery SPA break. learning up front about my Chiari Malformation.
and doctors differ…as they do…

at least i have a brain

5 weeks and 5 days
All lovely in the ward
Nurses great on the whole
Doctors very nice.
Consultants very approachable

Am starting ti suffer from “doctors differ” syndrome.
Awful frustrating disease.

We have rounds every day usually involving a few doctors. They discuss recent readings and results ask how I am, and suggest what’s next.
But it’s a mad busy ward so the conversation doesn’t always translate to action discussed. In fact it mightn’t even become anything.

We treat the meningitis
If no growth that’s ok
We are concerned about readings
We maybe need to replace drain
We need to wait til infection finished and then shunt.
We might Need to shunt now.
We can not put in a shunt if there is even a chance of infection being present.
Yes it’s infection.


There is 60% problem rate in shunt insertion
Am NOT playing the…

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