Am in stitches. :)

this day last year…another complication was now becoming a norm… brain surgery continues to GIVE surprises!

at least i have a brain

The process so far has been epic.
BUT do I regret it?
I can’t judge the outcome yet.
So I can’t naw we that for months.
I have been so completely unfortunate in terms of what can go wrong pretty much did….
CSF leaks

Yet all have been for me towards the long term good. I really am giving this a chance. That over the rest of my days this may still be worth it.
Me and my chiari malformation have the rest of my life together

Yesterday the doctors decided that NO- we were NOT going for the shunt process.

By mid morning I was sooo glad that decision had been reached as I felt crap. Had aches and pains in arms and legs and high temperature Most “meningitisy” that I had felt in a few weeks. Slept solid and really really felt awful!…

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