Today am for the knife

this night last year i was prepped for theatre again. this time to fit my shunt ..back into the brain.

at least i have a brain

Again am for the knife.
Last 5 CSF samples have had a low white cell count. Meaning meningitis losing battle.
Doctor feels that so much poking and prodding has happened in my brain that my brain fluid will have “chemical intervention” signs in my CSF for months.
So although we never reached normal we agreed that 2 consecutive days with LOW white cell counts – not rising.

We have reached that!

I am having a SHUNT fitted today.

I didn’t want a shunt.
1 in 10 people who have chiari decompression need one.
Of the folks who have a shunt 6 in 10 have ongoing problems.
I didn’t wnt that

My brain is clearly flooded with CSF
We have been drinking it constantly for over 4 weeks- and from leaks and scans brain is still flooded.

So I NEED the shunt.
I could hump and argue against it.

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