I washed my hair today.

the first day to wash my hair after brainsurgery. was not easy. the geography of the new skull had to be learned… it was NOT pleasant.
i remember this one plainly!

at least i have a brain

I washed my OWN hair today.
First time in almost 6 weeks.

I had been able (briefly) to watch it after my decompression when it was about a fortnight old.
But that seems a long time go.

In the last 6 weeks have had so many CSF leaks on hair.
Then have had more surgery – my shunt inserted.
That filled my hair full of CSF brain gunk and blood.
Since it was stitched 8 days ago I haven’t been allowed to let a nurse touch the hair so have just been combing my way through the heavy dead ends of it

Since December when j last had my colour done, I have gone from the helen who loved a real scrub of a blow dry to the helen in the shower today.

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