Ladies Fingerless Knitted Gloves Thinsulate Thermal Acrylic Available in 4 Colours Winter Warm
4.5 out of 5 stars (14)

BOUGHT me a few pairs.


cos am not sure what the hell this much colder on one hand and foot is.

my neuro symptoms have been more noticeable on this side, but i am now feeling COLD…substantial cold on one side more than the other.

Bed is slipper socks!

Wake in the morning as if i were lying with the right hand in an funny shape and as if it were out of the covers.

Described it during the few frosty days as if my blood on that side were colder…(as i wore an attractive blanket doubled over my knees as one would .HRM, Queen Elizabeth II leaving the BFI Forever

but even as i TYPE this hand is not right.

it feels like it is moving in a more dense medium than the other hand is.

crochet is difficult

i haven’t tried “serious” piano rehab…as to be honest, it would truly break my heart, if i could not manage to play 😦

that is a big part of ME…that i need for my identity.

So am attempting the indoor gloves.

am gonna message the neuro surgeon.

look into hand therapy from him.

mention that he was going to extend the scan to spine in case of syrinxes…

and then try to work with this rubbarised THING ON THE END OF MY WRIST.




but in my heart…am really aware this could be the start of a “claw” forming.

i thought spasticity would feel rigid at the outset… but this is just heavy…

not a pleasant thought.





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