let me see your lump…

last year after 8 weeks…HOME form hospital…but all was NOT WELL. i was pregnant to my shunt!

at least i have a brain

On Friday – a day after i got HOME from 8 wk stay in hospital, i noticed the lump.

a bump.

area of scar

path of surgery

obviously related!

but i DID call the ward.

THEY UNDER REACTED….so much so that i did a wee ranting blog…(as follows)

Phantom Pregnancy?


It makes no odds.

If you have BEEN pregnant you will remember the feeling and the sensation of a wee KNEE sticking right out, under your ribs….THAT !

If you are a sci-fi-fan you will remember the scene in Alien…the belly ripper…..THAT!.

Whichever way you picture it ….THIS was yesterday.


I had a seriously distended belly….kinda non defined…like a drainpipe in my abdomen.

This is of course the part of my tummy that my BRAIN SHUNT flows to, and is connected to…

and temporally the shunt is now 11 days in me.

This was this mornings belly…

now i…

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