bucket list… or buck it list?

what do you do when you have written the BUCKETLIST? stroke that of the list marked things to do before i die?

at least i have a brain

who ever called it a BUCKET list?

and why a BUCKET?

and i always said was a heap of crap.

but maybe now as many of the “love to do” things have become “not in your dreams Helen” things, maybe now i will write down the possible changes… when Bucket became F*** it.


so a BUCKET LIST is…the things in the ideal world that i would LOVE to do before i die. in the real world, am not really expecting to achieve them.

The problem for me, is the fact that my LOGIC overcomes my dreamer.

I don’t live in the IDEAL world, where plans for retirement become real, i occupy the REAL world, so that the curveballs llfe has hurled at me have added up to a ME – a realist.

A realist is not the same as a pessimist, I do accept that there could be better to…

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