gallery #ootd took 2 hours

OOTD…takes up a LOT of time with #chronicillness

at least i have a brain



looking ok?

make up on.

clothes ok.

the parts you missed are.


THIS took 2 hours.

Getting from the bed  was such a challenge as the pains in my legs are horrendous

the overwhelming jelly-ish feeling i have in every fiber of each leg.

the difficulty “holding” a CUPPA which my hubby brought me, because each finger feels weak, painful, and slow,

head was so painful to lift  off the pillow.

it felt it was made of cement…too heavy for my neck to support.

that NECK was painful to move. at all.

(in case i forgot to mention, i am typing this with a glove on my Right hand – a fingerless glove bought to retain heat in that hand. It isn’t really working today as they fingers don’t want to open, or move independently. my brain today  is struggling with spellings, and typing is PAINFUL.i am trying…

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