curly…i did it!

last year had sooo much hair removed due to brain surgery

regrowing thank god BUT in coarser texture and it’s own direction.

have a BRILLIANT friend and hairdresser Julie, who can HIDE the difference in the two sides…the thin and the thick.

and for a day or two her combover blowdry looks BRILLIANT…until my baby hair parts the back like curtains

so i fancy LOOKING like i have hair.

so hair we go…oops…BAD PUN

hair and chiari surgery MATTER…to a female…

my neurosurgeon DID care- and he did try – on one operation i even sent a NOTE in to the female surgeon taking part …on behalf of my hair during THAT operation :)…they have a sense of humour.and she kept the note!20140210-123248.jpg


its HELL .

you have pain everywhere!

even NOW i explain to people touching my head the new geographical structure of the skull!

the holes, the funnels, the scars…

but i am SO glad i didn’t cut my hair short before the surgery, as i would be like a troll still!

at least with the long hair i can clip up bad hair days.

it didn’t help that i am one of those people who are entirely CRAP at managing their hair.


i mean CRAP…laugh at it with my sister, and my hairdresser friend.

but i can’t describe the PAIN literally that hair can cause.

i DID discover these wee doofers. and they are a BIT less painful than a bobble.invisibob

but i DID comment that NO hair company made “post surgery” gentle clips, grips, and TRUST me i have tired them all. worn the scarves, …i have TRIED everything…clips, grips, gentle grips, hairbands, banana clip, scrunchies…i had ebay and amazon bought out!

i did rant about the VACUUM of help from hair companies…

and many times i wanted and would have HAPPILY taken tips!

and a year later, i have ranted many times about my locks…lack of…tats…painful…glue…hairballs…

but TODAY…

it looks like i have hair.

it DID cost me £130 Babyliss.

BUT i can do it.

OH and incidentally, have NOT had an all over colour done since before surgery.

have had highlight in packs…

am not keen to have it fall out on the pillow.

alsoo can’t do a lovely layered cut…as the WEIGHT is what is holding it shut where the back hast a tennis ball sized ball of coarse-sticky-out-regrowth menow2


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