it is never right to accept WRONG.

i was wronged.

Yes i got up.

Rebuilt me.

We were all probably bullied too

all to some degree feel to the injustice of balance.

Life has a lot of ugliness at play.

Scars heal

but they remain.

daily reminders of the wounds inflicted.

emotional wounds have deep scars.

Most wronging is an abuse of power in some way

a deflection of truth

an isolation of truth from acceptable fact.

ABUSE – sexual, moral, psychological, emotional, spiritual, ALL misuse of POWER.

and it may be easy for some to say to you, “there comes a time…to let it go”…

…but what are we doing then?

we are PASSIVELY endorsing ABUSIVE behavior.

We should NEVER feel that there is a time, when we turn away from what we KNOW is a wrongful act.

we were given consciences

we live by them.

it is NEVER time to ignore wrong…

it merely perpetuates the practice of abuse of power.

it is NOT right to move on and let it go on.






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