crochet . THERAPY


when i was in hospital – neuro-ward  and the Occupational therapists and Physios were working on ward with all sorts of brain problems and rehab, the lady in the next bed, Elizabeth, was told to maybe ask her husband to bring her up her pen and paper….or her knitting.

I was only into my meningitis phases so had another long sit looming ahead…

soooo ….i mentioned that I used to know, but had never crocheted.

One of the nurses…we shall call her “Derry” – piped up that she loved crochet- and was hooked on it (poor pun) while sitting at night watching tele.

I really thought crochet was a blue rinse sport…and in fact had NEVER seen it done. I had knitted jumpers at college and beyond as MANY of us did. Mammy could knit but was rubbish at necks of jumpers! (sorry mammy!)x

Now my mammy never crocheted…so in effect i think maybe crochet in Ireland missed a generation in many houses….but the whole idea really appealed to my Irish hand-me-down-craft side and thankfully saved my sanity for the remaining 6 weeks in the ward….

anyhow…long story short, within that week Derry had taught me to crochet and poor Jimmy had been dispatched to the wool shop two streets away. The doctors thought it was hilarious initially as it was a wee “thing”blanket10

but well they may laugh…by the time i came home i had this…crochet

a high quality REHAB blanket…crocheted in best local to hospital wool!

My next one was an “embarrass-your-sons-at-the-match” blanket in colours that matched their local team.

So my Enniskillen gaels knee blanket…for cold evenings in the stand 🙂


The NEXT project was the granny squares…

easy peasy…. but ow i haveblanket11this many – a BLANKET worth and i need to sew the darned things together….

NOBODY told me you could “join them as you go” in crochet. THAT’s my floor…it’s definitely BED sized..blanketsquares

So next target??

am pleased to announceblanket4

blanket 4 is DONE.

i do upgrade the difficulty challenge each time. This time based on how awful stupid i was not making all my granny squares the same size, i learnt CIRCLES…3 colours – one for each row in the circle….and then made each circle into a cream coloured hexagonal frame.

doing the first one took me a DAY..i mean the first hexagon….i REALLY feel like i am a complete crochet FAKE, as i have no notion how to understand the patters, the terminology…so i have to find a page. pictures…can’t EVEN understand youtube…am too slow and they USE the words.

BUT after mastering ONE….the rest was SIMPLE.

i am completely ADDICTED mentally and physically to CROCHET.

Today am searching for blanket 5 ideas, so that i can order the wool in, and make sure, i am tying in th ends of this finished one until the new wool arivess…

oh YES.

ADDICTIVE… repetitive and simply therapeutic.!





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