I don’t cry often,

but recently i have cried a LOT

3 days in the last week.

foods of tears

TEARS as i try to adjust to the changes my health has caused in my life…

TEARS as i become a 50 yr old geriatric.

TEARS as i realise people are living around me

TEARS when am excluded AGAIN.

and each i cry time they are ignored.

i have nobody who wants to listen.

nobody who ACTUALLY knows how i feel.

i can shout it out…an it falls into an uncomfortable silence and then we change the topic of importance


let’s not discuss what pushes me to the edge of my sanity

pushes me to where i NEED to explode and shout out

but still, even though it is heard it is not listened to.



who ACTUALLY cares?

who gives a TOSS behind that superficial coping smile, who gives a TOSS?

i exist with the odd face book status

a twitter one liner now and again.

  • but when did anyone SEE me?
  • choose to?
  • wonder about me?
  • really want to know?
  • bring me out?
  • invite me shopping?
  • include me?
  • add me on ANY list.




more TEARS

silent tears

pains to add to the physical pains

feel alone



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