one lovely blog award

I have in the last fortnight been honoured 3 times, by two bloggers who i respect and admire, and by a past pupil and awarded these awards.:

This has winded me each time, as being Irish and a mother i find guilt easier to take on than praise.

The first award, I was given by a friend. I am lucky to have held on to many relationships that i had formed initially as teacher-pupil but bing a music teacher, means a lot of what i do, and what i encourage involves close emotional expression and openness. A great musician cannot be guarded…in my classroom. When i look at my “friends” nowadays, so many of them began as pupils. i LOVE that aspect of music. This compliment from a musician who has academically gone far beyond where i brought her, was beautiful. I am very proud of her.

I would like to thank for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. It’s my first nomination, so I am excited and honoured for the acknowledgement. missaar writes as a creative woman, openly rebuilding her life as a stronger more determined female. Her blog features strong visual imagery, and i really love the images of people she uses in her writing, i LOVE the personification i imagine in the choices of subjects used in the black and white photos which accompany and illustrate her musing…… Please visit her blog!

The very inspiring blogger award i received first. It came from kate. Kate is a young woman who has such a comprehensive awareness of her aspergers and its place in her life.She writes honestly about the challenges and difficulties she faces, but all is not bleak. I have a son with aspergers, so i can relate to much of her work… it is sincere and open and her self awareness describes so much more than a theoretical expert ever could… please have a follow.
The Nomination Rules
 I.Thank and link back to the person who nominated you yep
II.List the rules and display the award yep
III. Include seven facts about yourself on the way
IV. Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award no problem
V. Follow the blogger who nominated you done 
Part III: Seven things about me:
TOUGH to find 7 things you will not know about me, as i tend to be very open in my blogging. but here goes.
  1. in one week and 5 days, my mam will be one year dead. And it doesn’t get any easier.Mam had alzheimers, for quite a few years and was completely cared for by my dad. My sister and i were priviliged to in the last week of mam’s life, when mam became physically ill, stay with her 24/7. It was a week of “resharing the bedroom” and reliving and recalling the memories. It was special.
  2. yesterday i had to order and accept that i NEED to order a motability scooter. I HATED the admission that i needed it but the choice is to remain functioning outside the community i belonged in, and it is better for my children if i bite the bullet and accept the help and we GO OUT, thn the assumption mam will be staying at home. It was a big and difficult step, but i know was right.
  3. As a musician I am emotional, open, expressive and do not hold back. The downside of this is i feel the high ends of emotion and the lows. But i would not like to change that, as my musicianship defines me.
  4. i played viola at school – 6 grades later i still hated every note.
  5. i experience through serious abuse and misuse of power twice in my 50 years of life. Once as a child of 10. The other just a few years ago. I choose not to elaborate on either…The shock for me was that people are wiling to be convinced of things which to me they should know NEVER to believe, by a manipulative person. I don’t think i have or will ever recover fully from the experience as it amazed me, damaged me and lost a few valuable friends… Misuse of power is unforgivable in any situation.
  6. i would LOVE to meet and provide choir music for Pope Francis. He is the only Pope in my lifetime who resonates with me. I am not a big fan of institutionalisation and specifically professional clericalisation. but at heart i am a catholic, although I do not adhere to church rules currently- for personal reasons  and this Pope i am drawn to. My music is my offering.
  7. had i not been a teacher of maths and music i wanted to be a pathologist. I found the maths the most INCREDIBLE right subject there is. there is a perfection which can be attained in maths and not in any other area of life. QED.:)
Part IV: Nominations
Here are my nominations for 15 blogs, GREAT blogs I must add, so please check them out when you get the chance!
 hoping i do not put any of you under pressure to respond…

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