10 ways that i completely look STUPID!


at least i have a brain

as a reasonably clued in person, it is amazing that there are times i am so entirely out of my depth, fish out of water, and unable to look anything but STUPID!

  1. i have become one of the old people who do not know HOW to use all the gadgets in the house. Apple TV, Netflix…i feel like my parents – when i used to think how technology had passed them by. I now am the one who passes the remote to the children and ask THEM to put on whatever i can’t ….so sky+ is my limit!


2. when i admit that all those years. despite my anger and mistrust of the Health Service, at the first new ache or pain, what do i do? YEP i go to the doctor! I then give out about the doctor…but i still go! and yes even more stupid, i take more drugs! Are…

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