my way…life’s too short to wear DULL clothes.

i am 50

i am a mam

i have a belly to show it.

i have a chronic illness

constant pain

but i respect me.


i put on a face….always

and i TRY.

a smile

happy clothes


I will do mine, MY WAY.



  1. Your zest for life is highly praiseworthy! But, where do you get all the required energy from, and how do you manage time doing all those beautiful tasks to live life your way? Stupendous; hope others get the necessary inspiration out of your life, and lead a happy, colorful and purposeful life – life’s too short indeed!

    • my condition gives me wheels/scooter/cane depending on where and when OUT is.
      BUT i do sit now- and MUCH more carefully apply make up…as i CAN.
      and i do try to dress as if i am GOING somewhere…even though the reality is not…
      mindtrick i play for sanity i suppose?

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