a real musician.

a real musician.

I am a real musician.

a real musician is NOT in competition with anyone but himself…

his standard…his best.


a real musician never stops wanting to learn.

i rarely stop studying music: listening, thinking how to teach, analysing sound and i think if i ever do, then i will no longer have the edge of my musicianship.

a real musician wouldn’t accept “good enough” – she would make mental notes to improve on, and be determined to do that.

a real musician is NOT BIG HEADED but they know they can bring pleasure to others and they do not treat lightly with that knowledge or responsibility. It is purely accepting to be this type of musician.

a huge part of the musicianship is the passion. we ALL play a bum note, but when we recover and don’t ruin an entire performance because we are human, then we have the performance technique.

a real musician has perfect pitch – but doesn’t advertise it, or make it a comparison issue. It is another tool you have to use when shaping the harmonies you work on, in and with.

a real musician doesn’t merely conduct a group, she knows she has responsibility for the lives in font of her. She needs to develop the skills in each pupil to the best of his or her natural level. otherwise she is neglecting her own gift.teachergood

musicians can never run out of teaching ideas, tiny details should still excite them if they are to instill that buzz in a choral group. The real musician is not competing she is confident that in learning and handing on skills and techniques to her pupils, she learns more from that each time.

last night i was reading about a new method to me, of raising the soft palette – at throat. was so enthralled i realised that at 50, my nerdiness is possibly as keenly tuned is it ever has been.

last week a very eminent past pupil sent me this beautiful thoughtteacheraward

when i cease feeling this excited about what i hear, and sounds i produce and i direct, then i shall retire…. if i ever loose that real musician need to study more and give more…




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