i’m in training!

my wee legs

my poor achy legs

my not much good legs

my need a stick for support

need a stick for balance

no matter what extra i do, my LEGS pay the recovery price.

i need a wheelchair for more than a dawdle.

i need a scooter for away days.


to the world read as REHAB

i leave the house and now walk 4 minutes

then return on exactly the same path.

i will by using my fitness APP, :

  • see any improvement in distance covered in 4 mins
  • see am i speeding up on the way home
  • see if it gets less painful
  • less arduous
  • less farcical
  • i should be aiming at a target.

in my world THIS is a TARGET.

a daily TRUDGE of 4 minutes and an even more knackered drag myself home.



      • Am I right in thinking though that you have increased your time from when you started? That is really great!
        I remember after my surgery on my spine I really had to push myself to do a little more walking bit by bit. It’s hard work. And painful, but I then reached a stage where it seemed to get easier. I hope that happens for you too.

  1. i have… but i missed a week.
    and tbh there is no LOGIC in the feeling of building up. Today the “home run” was 25 seconds more than yesterday…
    so disconnected with “reality” are these pegs!
    🙂 H

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