the Month’s mind and the wake

a year later….still applies

at least i have a brain

am GLAD i am Irish

and am glad am a Catholic – albeit extremely pic n mix

we have some FABULOUS traditions which i would HATE to underrate and ever undervalue.

my mammy died 4 weeks ago today.

exactly today!

i go to wakes…i can’t explain to people the VALUE of taking the few minutes and going to a wake.

i have encouraged my older adult-ish kids to go…as it is NEVER the wrong thing to do.

the wrong thing to do is to AVOID going!

at a wake:

  • there is NO wrong thing to say
  • HUG
  • tell a wee memory – a tiny wee story
  • talk to some of the family
  • let them talk and cry
  • you don’t even have to go into the room with the remains.
  • you don’t have to stay for ages…just as long as you are comfortable
  • there is no dress-code
  • there is no obligatory…

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