how do i look?


There you go.
It takes til NOW…13.15
But on a recovery day it takes hours to get up, put on make up and get medication in so that I LOOK almost human.
You can’t see a ‪‎raredisease‬ or severepain‬ in that pic. Can you?
Just saying. CRIPPLED TODAY..
can’t figure which bit hurts most…but THERE…
2 hours of getting up and dressed and sitting on a closed toilet seat with a shower chair as a table holding all the clothes and my make up table and mirrors adjusted to that height…(sitting was the OT insisting not to waste effort on day do day have to’s and i DO that).
And i try to leave the bundle of clothes out on that stool the night before…undies and all. so once i get up, I don’t really leave the area, or HAVE to. (another OT tip)
You can’t see a LOT at a glance.

but i feel PAIN like you can not imagine.


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