do as i do….PLEASE!

 i am not a fan of do as I say…not as i do.

I believe in living by moral example.

the real challenge in following through with actions.

i HOPE that i do that.



at times it makes you do the difficult challenge

but do NOT teach only with your words,

your promise,

you will eventually be seen through as not having enough integrity

it is a responsibility we ALL have

yet some do not ACCEPT.

Our responsibility is to those who look to us for guidance

our children

our friends

those we work withpreaching

in the good world…..

to lead,

to hold power,

to parent,

to befriend,

to advise,

to counsel

to teach,

to be an example

carries enormous responsibility and too many forget

Teach with integrity.ghandist

Lead with fairness and example.

Christians model their actions on CHRIST and not their words.

Vote for what matters.

teach your children not  to respect rules which are unjust

and show them that unfairness is NEVER acceptable in any context.

show real sorrow.

there are people in power who are not always good

judge by conscience and with thought to outcome

if wrong, never be above apologising.late

realise you are no greater than me.

Realise you are no less than me.

and do as you SAY.


what you DO says more about who you are than anything you could say.

Do not preach what you don’t practice.

This makes a  real person.

please remember me for what i did

judge me not by words of others 

but by what i do.



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