today i had a visitor

this is why i am lonely.

at least i have a brain

today i had a visitor

that is a rarity

i have due to mismanagement been dealt badly – a few years ago.

one that has left me reeling.

my response to completely not understanding all the “HOW?” “WHY?” and “HOW COULD?” “WHY DID?” questions was to hide.

vacuum pack me.

away in my home

away from a very few….

but a few with small minds and large mouths is enough to all-but destroy a person’s confidence, happiness, sanity, family life… almost survival.

Situations which challenge sanity rarely come around. Thank GOD.

Blogging is a way of filling time. and whist initially i even blogged to a few fictional folks, i now blog to some people who listen…and i welcome their insite and opinions!

But when you couple the reaction to hide for shelter, with the BRAIN SURGERY which immediately followed it and its lengthy complicated recovery.

Add in a bereavement.

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