gallery ATTITUDE.

when dignity goes you need your sense of humour and some ATTITUDE!

at least i have a brain


you don’t like my attitude?

i don’t like

  • being disabled.
  • legs working so poorly
  • pain all the time
  • fatigue you can not describe
  • lack of communication between my brain and my body.

I also do not like the fact that my disability, is for life, is affecting me more and more as time passes.

It limits what I can do as a person.

  • no cooking
  • no cleaning
  • VERY little walking
  • LOTS of sleeping
  • learning to develop a life of PREPARE – DO – RECOVER  for even the mundane tasks.
  • drugging up to the eyeballs to MANAGE at this level.

a long time of being ill forces a long period of being housebound.

  • people know you won’t be able to go, so they rarely ask you
  • friends move on with their busy lives and you feature less and less
  • nobody really wants the honest answer to “are you ok?”

so i stay…

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