i do feel overwhelmed.

i am not a juggler

i am an ejit who tried to do things she knows or should know are beyond her.

gothemilei try to go the extra mile..and beyond.

i still fail to use and mean the word “no”. as in my head i am still the musician i always was…but i forget i am now a musician beginning all over again, with a group who don’t know what is involved.



GREAT in theory i have done my nest..but my best should be better.

i STILL have the brain i use dot have , sure that is all i need.

except it isn’t!


today my best seems to be just about holding up others’ lack of commitment with my limited strength.

i doesn’t feel like my best IS enough!

not my energy level,

not my physical ability

nor my stamina.

my best shouldn’t be a BEST .

sure even THAT has been disabled

i am overwhelmed and deflated in what my BEST is…

so i smile and try to pull them all along with me…

failing miserably.smile






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