HOW does a human do HILLS in a wheelchair?

photo 1 (15)

how does a normal middle aged, not fit person push a wheelchair?

i can manage.


BUT in the outside world there are HILLS

HOW does this HUMAN do HILLS in a wheelchair – as in in my hometown.

my family can’t – medically- PUSH me.

i do have a scooter, but in my minds eye a scooter is for when i am away?

and for the everyday manoeuvring which should hypothetically use the “dump the wheelchair in the boot”, it should BE my wheelchair.

but HOW?



Power packs? i feel NO…then its a mini scooter.

and WHO FUNDS this life of gadgetry?



how do i do hills in a wheelchair?


i JUST WANT TO GO UP THE STREET…not across terrain…



  1. surely, the answer to your question is that you keep working at it until you are strong enough and fit enough to manage. the same way able bodied but unfit people, or those who have had cardiac surgery, knee surgery, hip surgery etc do with stairs and hills and cycling to work or running.
    If you are defeatist in your attitude you will inevitably be defeated by the challenge.
    Good luck, I sincerely hope you find the will to make progress.

    • sorry.
      i am having a bad day.
      BUT my brain condition is ongoing…
      and my post surgery recovery is plateaued.
      so i don’t seem able to build up stamina as my brain overrides my body.
      the main parts it “messes ” with are my legs and my right eye.
      pathways and information aren’t normal flow.
      plus sorry- am 50 .
      and am in permanent pain,and will be.

  2. I would be the same as you. My condition barely allows me enough energy to self propel on the flat. Hills are a no go even slight ones. Plus I have been advised by my OT not to self propel due to a shoulder injury for overuse of crutches and self propelling, both a motion your arms and shoulders are not designed to do. So please if you ever find the answer to your question let me know. I wish I had the strength to build up my stamina but any additional strain on my already painful body would put me in bed for days and that’s not a life to lead, the same way we shouldn’t have to be leadinga life of disabilities. I wish it was as easy as will power, loads of which I have every day just to get out of bed and go to work. Fingers crossed you find the answer.

  3. Do you zig zag? I’m not pretending it’s easy but it’s certainly easIER to zig zag both up and down hills, yes you cover more ground but by zig zagging you reduce the incline that you are pushing up, on the way back down zig zagging also helps you to keep control. Hope that helps 🙂

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