gallery the condition that keeps GIVING…

the real day to day EXTRAs of a long term condition.

at least i have a brain

my medical looks like THIS in one hospital…but  even better in the regional hospital…it has almost earned a shelf of it’s own.



the ever-growing list of appointments are in effect a LARGE part of your social life, as your energy reserves and recovery times  mean that you have to pace what you can do in ANY day.

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • neuro psychology
  • my new rehabilitation specialist
  • pain management clinic
  • ophthalmology will now be replaced by neuro-ophthalmology
  • neurosurgeon
  • neurologist- yet to happen – for symptom management
  • GP – who i have tried NOT to go to as all seems so regionalised.

Even the disabled part of the condition.

  • i used to have pain clinic procedures but they were not working any longer
  • i have adopted HAZEL my trusted stick as a LIMB…and realise for balance and for strength. she is needed!gymbunny
  • my inability to walk any distance has meant initially i…

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