i AM the Burden.


I have a burden.

But I AM a burden.

A burden to those who I love.

The irony.

Your family naturally worry about you. Your natural instinct is to attempt to convince yourself your crew  you are fine. Until you can’t do that.

they need to know, as they need to help.

Until you need them to be part of the team caring for you.

That feels so BAD as a parent.

Incredibly wrong.


You BURDEN them with the knowledge that you need them and you BURDEN them physically as you need them to help in your care

You explain to your children that you can’t help :

  • being tired,
  • being emotional
  • you are ALWAYS going to have pain
  • you SEE people or you suspect you SEE people not believing you are ill
  • you are a bit snappy when you don’t mean to
  • you can’t go to see a football match as you did one 3 days ago and you are still recovering
  • you can’t just pop out on day out…that would take planning.

and that you KNOW people look at you, as not ONE symptom makes you look any different!

you look good!



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