“the lady reports” …in the doctors’ letters

“the lady reports” …in the doctors’ letters

STILL gut punches me.

PLEASE choose your words Doctors – your detached reporting can WOUND!


Even now that i have a condition which explains all the symptoms i have, a LABEL, VALIDATION…i still feel it.

but each time you see a new person, you get the report and i wonder if the realise that the first section of the letter, which is based on you telling them how you are, and before they do the examination report, they write the phrases that WALLOP me every time.

  • the lady says…
  • this lady seems
  • the lady reports that
  • …she complains of…
  • she does not appear to…
  • she insists that…

WHY does each one of those HURT me and make me feel like here we go again.

INVISIBLE DISEASES.understandinginvisibleillness



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