Some Days are Better than Others

a bad day… is relative… GREAT read

in case i'm gone

On days like this I’m reminded of the old U2 song “Some Days Are Better Than Others”.

Everyone has bad days. Days you feel you should just go back to bed because karma’s just not on your side. I’ve had days like that in spades. One day last year I swear that Loch single handedly destroyed my house in the first hour he was awake. He tripped and threw juice all over the room. He wildly danced/kicked the tinker toy sculpture I’d made – to encourage him to play with something other than cars – shattering most of the pieces. He’d pulled the towel rack off the wall and dropped his strawberries all over the carpet I’d just finished cleaning, all with Caillou’s exceptionally irritating voice whining in the background. I was beside myself. You look around as if to say “Is anyone seeing this but me?” realizing that this…

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