Day 2 of the 3 day blogging challenge

the first day…

so now we look for 3 words of wisdom for today?

Let’s see. Is it a ME thing to overthink this? or is it a feeling of need to get it right? Or have i too many people who through time have impressed me?

To make it a BIT tougher for myself am going to try to concentrate of different themes. SO yesterday. day one, i chose roughly speaking the themes of :

  • life is too short
  • always stand up for right.
  • no quitting.

So day 2:

1. i am not 50 years old. i have learnt for 50 years- and the day i stop wanting to learn, or that i feel there is nothing left to learn, then i am lost.  I have survived and EXPERIENCED 50 years of new days….some good…some never to be repeated experiences…but i keep learning.olderweget

2. am afraid Oscar Wilde spoke a LOT of wisdom. I have been most damaged in life by people who should never have hurt me. Sadly i am damaged, scarred from that. but i am wiser… i KNOW to trust people…and how FAR that i can with them. a desperately painful lesson.true-friends-stab-you-in-the-front-quote-13. is a favourite one of mine. I am hard on ME when i set targets, but i know that there will always be room for disappointment in myself if there was MORE i could have done. If my best is done, then i can sleep. Content. I do not need to be perfect, not pretend to be perfect, not even ASPIRE to be perfect…but the BEST ME that I can.always-do-your-bestand today can i pass the baton of the blogging onto:

1. first night design

2,Carly and

3. the feathered sleep

enjoy my friends 🙂



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