the 2 day blogging challenge… LAST day.

day 2 of the challenge

and YESTERDAY WAS to be day three….and i was in my bed when i even thought of it, so please… plame it on the brain!

HERE are my top 3 quotes:

again remember for fear i would make life easier for myself i did decide to avoid overlapping topics in so far as was possible.

So far therfore we have had words of extreme wisdom on:

  • life is too short
  • always stand up for right.
  • no quitting.
  • keep learning
  • even friends betray you
  • ALWAYS do your best.

Here we go then, what mantras have i not mentioned?

1. Keep seeing the positives. The incredible difference in a day when you waken will a positive thought…and a smile. spread lovetumblr-pictures-and-quotes-tumblr-quotes-tumblr-saying-about-girls-and-guys-62486 - Copy

2. STand up and take the stage when you have that talent which will shine out to all. What God gives you is his gift – he will look for your use of that gift on it’s return. Treat it as i do music, with integrity, with love and with knowledge that i was given it, to use well! NEVER allow that light to be taken from you.


3. you are SPECIAL, you are unique, you should never be treated as an option…You have great value and deserve to be treated that way. Respect yourself to know when it is time to turn and walk away – and do NOT look back.

prove yourself

now it remains just for me to THANK my friend who nominated me , thank you smalltownfashioneblogger

and let me nominate to pick up the challenge….

big red carpet nurse


3. dream big …dream often

enjoy all xx


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