when you become DISABLED nothing is ever straightforward.

This is me. wheelspls

My legs.

My Dr Martens.

My attitude…. disabled …which on a good day is, I could be worse…. i know what i can and can’t do now.

This is the wheelchair i need- and cannot afford. Assistance to push myself built into the wheels which would allow me dignity to look as little disabled as is necessary, independence to self propel, and the ability to wheel myself up my own home town – a series of hills…each one ends where the next begins. So £5000 would make THAT simplification to my life….

Because once you become seriously limited physically – life becomes complicated! NOTHING is simple. Planning of even the most BASIC thing.

  • could there be a small wheelchair or scooter?
  • how would i manage if we tried?
  • is your hotel bedroom door wide enough for this wheelchair?
  • what size of a TAXI are you sending?
  • will i be better rested in preparation for an event by going the night before ? or would the packing and doing that leave me more tired?
  • the wheelchair seats are often for PLUS one. ..but we are a FAMILY!
  • where and when on that day would i have time to sleep?
  • is it worth the EFFORT?
  • have i anyone i can ask who has done this before?
  • last time we did this i was able…now what would that rule out?
  • would it be easier if you all did it without me?
  • i just don’t know…til i try.
  • NOTHING is done now without planning…in as much as you can.
  • EVERYTHING needs examination, contemplation
  • where do i seat?
  • will it ruin the day?
  • nothing now is simple.
  • oh lord, what if it RAINS!
  • wheelchair plus one… 😦 INCLUSION to a point.


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