why do people NOT try to help?

why do people NOT try to help?

are more people SELFISH?

do i expect too much?

did they USED to go the extra mile effortlessly?

was I the one who always did that?

begging for help which would require so little belittles me.

who moved mountains to help a friend?

OTHERS used to?

didn’t they?

or is this a hard part of growing up…

am i the FOOL who says YES?

at 50!

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One comment

  1. I’m so sorry, Helen, that things have been so tough lately. I do think people are more cautious these days and in many cases too busy to help anyone else but themselves. Years ago, when we went to the airport to pick up my college age daughter after some harrowing experiences with an ice storm on our end and hers, I was so intent on getting to her and making sure she was safe and sound that I passed by a lady at the airport who was so distraught that she had bowed and buried her head up against a wall and was sobbing uncontrollably. But because I was sobbing too and was so worried about my daughter, though I hesitated briefly because I wanted to stop and ask if I could help,I didn’t. That incident has haunted me ever since, and I’ve promised myself not to let it ever happen again. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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