my house made of straw

i have built my house with STRAW!

at least i have a brain

i LOVED the story of the wolf and the three little pigs when i was a child.

The stupid pig building his house of straw…imagine the insecurity…the pig should have been lying there waiting for a change in the wind, or a wet day never mind a wolf to blow his house down. the sill pig.

YET i find myself stuck in a very strange place in my world of ACCEPTANCE. My condition, chiari malformation, my brain problem has wounded me, seriously and permanently it seems now. Chiari is a rare neurological condition. And i feel when the doctors diagnose that it is tinged with the knowledge that you are not getting something RARE as in a collector’s item? NO you are getting something RARE as in medically quite uncharted, and unknown.

Then you get to see that you have REALLY drawn the SHORT straw when your Neurosurgeon, who in…

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