what wheels should i wear today?

There is an INDIGNITY that i can not describe third person.

“There’s a lovely colour of scooter”, doesn’t help me feel better about being in one.

Look at the rainwear – YEP the plastic tent. – would ANYONE want to wear that and smile?

put stickers on it…pimp my ride.

put Robbie Williams up there to do WHAT exactly?

  • detract from the invisibility you gain as people don’t talk to YOU
  • yes Robbie i think the mirrors would remove how second class i feel.
  • where scooter population are allowed SPECIAL seating – but they are generally allotted an “AREA”
  • WHY??
  • the AREA usually allows you chairs plus ONE family member….. the rest of the FAMILY? in a normal seat in a different section.
  • are wee a sub race?
  • do we ALL have the same requirements?
  • when i was invited to a conference by a football stadium on making EVERYONE equal – and i explained, i don’t travel unnecessarily, but would love to LINK -IN”…this is 2015 and i am fairly opinionated and articulate. The answer was…. oh SORRY , we can’t do that.
  • I had a shop manager last week refuse to help my husband, GIVEN that we are both in the shop often with me in my wheelchair, but SHE was a jobsworth… she thought disability awareness meant i would  WANT to TALK  for an hour on phone to her bosses defining exactly how CRAP my LIFE is…to list of the ways through looking at my account she could clearly have seen that my husband KNEW me… (which SHE had refused to do) would irrefutably.
  • show that you can add on a front wheel – which you need to cross all terrain and look great?
  •  we can even style some to look like harley Dividsons… BUT THEY aren’t…and until YOU are in one… you cannot assume they feel great.

i’m struggling with my disability. newbie to scooters,  can use my selfpropel wheelchairs, and  STILL my inability with one of each to access many places.

i HATE that I find it too big a step for me, to try the scooter at home, to me, it is for AWAY days where I am maneuvering onto kerbs, cobbles, an AWAY day. Am able to wheelchair as it fits my condition at the minute. But i have had to look for funding for wheels which would help me manage… i am “waiting” But i am holding on hoping that i can drive an assisted wheels wheelchair… which cast….£ALMOST-THE -PRICE-OF-A-CAR.

is it DIGNITY retaining I would be paying for?

Surely the accessories as well as being functional could be LESS utility.

Can we improve on the TENT. the GREENHOUSE?

i may have lost most of the use of my legs but leave me my DIGNITY..


where i want to sit.

SPEAK to me…not look at me and chat my husband…

galls me everytime… and i am human…it hurts being assumed to have lost EVERY ability …i CRY…

this adjusting is painful.

  • i CAN walk  a short distance- that doesn’t mean am FAKING
  • i can SPEAK
  • i can’t reach many shop counters if i am in my chair.
  • disability is a GENERIC label …we ALL do not have the same needs…but we have the same entitlement to DIGNITY.
  • the right at a football match to sit with your WHOLE family
  • i had 2 teenagers FALL OVER me last weekend… and then found is sooo funny the went away with no apology…but a good laugh at falling over the “chair”.
  • i have had ALL of family asked “are you all with THE CHAIR”…my dad said…am with the PERSON in the chair.
  • am SICK feeling in the way as people breeze pass, and i seem to be delaying them
  • at traffic lights most people try to run ahead before you – the very ODD person stops to allow YOU the right of way.
  • disabled people have a LOT of indignity to suffer due to their conditions…. SOCIETY has NO RIGHT to make them/me feel worse.


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