my dignity costs £4844

This £4844 is a drop in the ocean  in the bigger picture.

To me? It’s the opportunity to go up the street in my own town.

my LEGS can’t do it.

my home town is a series of big HILLS – one into the other.

before i was disabled, i had never really looked at that.

now i don’t look at it because i can’t go there.

this is me

in my wheelchair

in our shopping centre,

i can manage to self propel there.

photo 1 (15)i have to have assisted wheels on my chair though.

i am a normal mum.

a middle aged woman who has a weird neurological condition.

not able to build up my “condition” of fitness as my weak legs are part of the disorder…or the post disorder meningitis..or the surgery i had …any part of the hospital period of 8 weeks.

i DO NOT want a jaguar –

a convertible car…it really is NOT my midlife crisis.

i have bought…a scooter for away days…for a LOT of driving. for many hours…

20150331_0219_Dublin_Avivathis is it…

or infact

this is now.scoots

and it is invaluable in the context of long family days.

but where I am in accepting my disability, is that i don’t WANT to seem MORE disabled than i am.

so the real thing i need is

as told by my rehab doctor, “assisted wheels” – wheels that you still propel yourself – BUT you push a small amount and they move a LOT.


here it is!

have TRIED it and it WORKS!wheelspls

and they are 2 soup bowls on the wheels.

and they would change my LIFE…but they cost £4844.

Disability is expensive,




and i can’t afford it.

Am at the letter writing to grant providing trusts…

so far….nothing…except more dehumanising behaviour.


what room for dignity when am begging?







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