adjusting and accepting a disabled me ME

When rehab becomes acceptance and adjustments.

at least i have a brain

the new ME. Still Accepting it? NO- but adjusting to it? Yes and struggling with that.
I had no expectation of a perfect life, or an illness free life. In fact i was never in the fit zone- i did swim a lot, did pilates some, and that was ok. I was never aiming for the Olympics.

Life SHITS on all of us.lifechallenges I was never arrogant enough to believe i was outside that radar. Real life DOES this in different ways , at different times to ALL of us. THIS IS REAL LIFE. It was never meant to be like Stepford!.

I just hadn’t the physical loss of power in my legs. YES i can walk – a little – and in pain. But I can see any day at any time, there are  people have worse illnesses as in severe, terminal conditions and i can see the relative scale…

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