stop PEEPING at me!


reminds me of things sneaky, hidden, wrong, clandestine and a bit wrong!

“this person has chosen to remain anonymous”….really? WHY?

i don’t like the idea of people “peeping” at me.

i’m a very open person and i have several social profiles which are openly “view-able”. but i feel uncomfortable with those who feel the need to “peep”, or “remain anonymous”.

i have an objection to people having access to any of my professional details, which are those i post on LinkedIn.

Surely in a professional networking way, that is the reason we HAVE LinkedIN?

So LOOK at me.

LOOK as closely as you want to.

But I ask you, and I ask LinkedIn.. would you like being peeped at, anonymously?

am sure I am not the only one who finds the practice of choosing to hide your viewing, a little less than wholesome? like deleting your history folder….lol.




STOP peeping!


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