hospital. discharged but not fixed.



used to that.

something abnormal, or extra to your condition load, and you seek medical advice.

i do avoid trying to visit GP, as it is not really fair, i understand that.

but when am almost fully loaded on my drug quota for the day, and not getting to grips with pain, i go to out of hours care, there also A&E, and from there (after explaining your condition and your JOURNEY all 10 years of it to more uninformed practitioners -and AGAIN i understand this as it is a “RARE condition”)….., you are in a ward.

incredibly well treated.

ward staff ask a lot about condition.

but drug control is discussed with you.

your regional consultant is called

they detail scans, x-rays, and what to do tests.

all done and immediately send back to base and checked.

sometimes a doctor outside his specialism, thinks of a “what if we try” add on..and we do.

family come and go and i suppose the odd admission reinforces that this is a life long condition.

and i REALLY do feel grateful when i am being cred for.

i am royally treated to a day or two of rest…

and then we come to a point which i don’t YET feel comfortable with.

the part where “we” discuss and decide i should be ok to go home as i have a very good understanding of my condition. AND i do! AND i know that is a compliment!…

but…it feels STRANGE to know that HOSPITAL will no longer FIX me.

nor pretend to.

it feels strange.

that is a big statement.



but it will NEVER

be…all done… overwhelmed

i am now…discharged but not fixed.IMG_6675


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