it’s me!

i have so much pain but it is all invisible

you knew that

hope you believed

doctors now believe


tests have validated.

i have an illness – a life long condition – but practically everything about it is invisible

drugged to keep me as managed as this

living an incredibly virtual life- where i KNOW pressing”like” is not the same as a visit

only those who visit me see the ravages of a flare up- the brain can be a frightening opponent.

my fights remain in my house…as i battle to do the stairs and you assume i am recovering.

i can’t recover from this disease…but as nobody can see it, it is virtually impossible for them to picture that concept, to visualise the life, to see…to make it “visible”.

as i “like” the photos of your nights out, the quiet tear drops as i realise you got so used to my refusals that the invites don’t remember me now.

on the odd day i go anywhere i am in such pain but the smile is now sufficient to make the torture in my eyes the last bit you look at. As i make my pain invisible.

as i make me invisible.

you don’t see the scars but they are raw

the pains are very real

but ONLY if you look at my eyes

look for me

look at me.

loneliness is also invisible.

tears are silent…



inside.11230117_10154563030488539_7298050130557268537_n showering differentbe 11026166_10154494921488539_6212730588503681580_n stairs invisible m IMG_7666 chronicme Coping-emotionally-with-disability disabled-women paini


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