gallery chiari malformation awareness…

as time goes on- another year marks another few TICKS on the possible symptoms from this chiari which i now have…ONGOING…fulltime…and it feels like HELL

at least i have a brain

I didn’t make a huge issue of this month as MOST of my blogs individually are about an aspect of my life with my chiari…and its symptoms…but….for any recent followers.

i have a CHIARI MALFORMATION – type…unsure as have had hydrocephalus…so my NeuroSurgeon reckons they are all integrated.

i have been symptomatic for about 10 yrs.

only finally diagnosed two years ago and then only categorised as my chiari obstructing flow of CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)needing surgery October 2013

i had my “zipperhead” surgery which sounds much nicer than 7 hours of brain surgery which involves removing a chunk of skull, a chunk of spine and opening and patching my brain membrane.

I leaked brain fluid- as my dura (membrane) was floody and probably had been for years.

This leak enabled me to catch meningitis.

After 8 weeks in hospital – being EXTREMELY well treated i have to say- i…

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