is this a life?

i am not being philosphical… but IS this a life? does THIS qualify?

at least i have a brain


i remember through tears saying to my then Neurosurgeon…”please do not send me away without checking everything you can…THIS is NOT a life”.

That was a long time ago…2 years or more ago.

he felt “sorry” for me or compassion for me as it was heartfelt and we organised the SCAN that decided i needed brain surgery…

before surgery.

before my legs have disconnected from reality.

NOW i am:

  • more static
  • more fatigued
  • feet paining me
  • LESS able to move my legs
  • another sleep on the sofa
  • more numb in my numb places
  • parked on a sofa
  • about a stone heavier
  • at the stage where people around you accept you are “off the social batter”
  • unable to go out of the house much
  • virtually not at all
  • walking to the toilet exhausts me
  • so lonely and isolated
  • moving in bed is so painful at night
  • i am begging for funding…

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