gallery my 10 commandments

based on 50 years of experience, life, education, religions, hurts, realisations I don’t disagree with poor Moses on the mountains, but i can see very simple rules of living which would make the world a decent place.

  1. treat other people nicely – whether they do the same in return is their choice and measures them not you. But we teach our children to pay it forward, as generally in life you do see, it comes back that you do a favour, you get treated well when you need it…
  2. forgive people – particularly if they don’t apologise – as you don’t deserve to suffer from the strain of carrying the situation on your back. Learn and move forward.
  3. There is not enough time. Life is short. Do what you need to when the opportunity is there, don’t plan on the long-finger…make an effort now.
  4. When you get kicked down, don’t take as long as i did to get back up. The people who wronged you are behind you…you are NOT moving back, you get up ad move forward…distance yourself from that past.
  5. It is never right to be unaffected by injustice, cruelty, wrong. You have a conscience, and you need to take  stand where it tells you to. NEVER be afraid to stand up – even if it leaves you alone.
  6. try to LIVE. i am disabled. i am blaming disability on the fact that i am STUCK somewhere, short of being as able as i was, could be, and if only i had X,Y,Z then i would be able to live in the moment. But PLEASE take advice from me as i am still tying to enjoy the moment… to live and not to exist…two very different things. I am still working towards this one.
  7. Do what you know your talent means you should do…work on it…keep working on it. You need to use your gift. Don’t hide it, use it, love it and nurture it…it is your purpose. Your gift is unique and never let your light be dimmed by begrudgers, or a bad day…you gain by mistakes if you call them experience.
  8. Trust your gut feeling on goodness and evil – (although my family hope i am never put on jury duty for this one), i think if you are tuned into people and small details about how they operate with you and others, you can trust your instinct.
  9. Nobody is greater than any other. A person who doesn’t understand they are equal, would abuse power in his hands.
  10. Keep trying. Nowhere should it say you gave up. You have an inner spirit and nobody can remove that, or trample on your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas… you keep going. Indomitable spirit is a mighty strength.

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